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Sevilla - Some History

Giralda TowerSeville one of Spain's most charming cities

Many different cultures have been present in the Seville’s History. Its legacy has formed for centuries, the cultural, monumental and artistic patrimony that we can admire in its streets and museums.  

Among different stories that related the first ages of the city, there is a legend that gives Hercules the foundation of the city. If we want to learn about civilization and the Guadalquivir Valley, a visit to “Museo Arqueologico” (archeological museum) is necessary. Placed in a magnificent building made for Iberian-American Exposition of 1929, the museum is home to treasures explaining the relation with other villages from the other Mediterranean side and about their gods, belonging to the first inhabitants of the city. Among them, the most important treasure is “Tesoro del Carambolo,” an exemplary sample of the eastern influence assimilated by the primitive inhabitants of the mythic “Tartessos.”

Near to the city of Seville, in Alcala del Rio, the final battle that faced Romans against Carthaginians in the year 206 BC took place, and preceded the foundation of the first Roman colony in the area, Italica. Julius Caesar, in the year 45BC, converted the people from Seville into Roman citizens with all their rights and gave the city the name of Julia Romula Hispalis. Few remains from Roman Seville have survived the passing time in the city. “Although there was in Seville great and sumptuous temples, circus…and amphitheatres…all has gone” it was affirmed by Rodrigo Caro in the 17th century. It is one more reason to visit the “Museo Arqueologico,” where the Roman age is magnificently represented with the remains found in Italica.

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The Bull and Nature

You will meet the pastures and natural spaces where the Iberian bull breeding.

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Seville European Film Festival 2012 - 9th edition

Sevlla European Film Festival posterSeville hosts the European Film Festival from November 2nd to 10th. This is part of our cultural background, and, year after year, is becoming an essential date for every film lover, particularly for the followers of the European-made films.

The poster

Draughtsman Miguel Brieva (Seville, 1974), with his acid, characteristic style, has been entrusted with the poster design for this new edition of the Seville European Film Festival. As a result, this poster shows a rich composition full of nuances and details in which we become absorbed. The most characteristic symbols of the city’s imagery have been evoked, though remixed by the Sevillian artist through his particular senses of aesthetic and humour.

Andalusian panorama

Project Shell the short

Project Shell is a piece born from the collaboration between Blow Studio and several professionals from audiovisual field. In an attempt to do what we like and develop it freely, we decided to bring out the project as a small piece of sci-fi action.


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Seville Cathedral - Where Christopher Columbus is buried.

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